Agile SDLC

What is Agile SDLC

Agile Software Development Life Cycle model is a combination of iterative and incremental process models with focus on process adaptability and customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of working software product.

Agile Methods break the product into small incremental builds. These builds are provided in iterations. Each iteration typically lasts from about one to three weeks. Every iteration involves cross functional teams working simultaneously on various areas like planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, unit testing, and acceptance testing.

At the end of the iteration a working product is displayed to the customer and important stakeholders. do my homework


Agile Delivery


We specialize in digital transformation and process optimization in software delivery using Agile and Lean methods. We can teach, grow and mentor teams to become truly self-organizing and to deliver incremental, demonstrable business value while cutting through the waste and tedious overhead of traditional project management styles. We combine techniques taught across SAFe, Scrum, XP and Kanban to tailor solutions to suit your team, your project and your business.


Our consulting experience ranges through various industries; including Health Insurance, Financial Services, Institutional Banking, Retail and e-commerce and government sectors. We provide hands on coaching, mentoring and training as well as expert consulting advice on how to transform your business to meet the digital demands of the current market.

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